RoadData Services

RoadData collects retroreflectivity measurements of road markings to provide you with the most up-to-date and comprehensive information needed for your quality assurance and asset management.

Accuracy, safety, compliance and quality assurance are all key components in the work we do and the service we provide.

RoadDate Retroreflectometer

How does it work?

The Roaddata mobile measurement teams are utilised by councils, contractors, roading engineers, transport alliances and any other parties interested in providing safe roading.

We supply data for the purposes of:

  • performance monitoring
  • maintenance and planning
  • problem identification
  • new construction hand-over records.

Your network information can be used in two ways

With the Roaddata service you can choose the way you analyse the data output you receive:

  • For critical analysis use
  • For visual presentation use

Roaddata photographs are taken every 25 metres.

For photographic reference choose between:

  • View in an Excel file with links to photos
  • using GPS reference points

We collect dynamic data that records date, time, speed, temperature, relative humidity, visibility, environmental factors and other events that may affect data.

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