RoadData - measuring highway and motorway markings
for retro-reflectivity information you can trust

Roaddata is the leading provider of road data collection and analysis in Australasia.

  • RoadData's retroreflectivity data saves money

    We supply accurate retroreflectivity measurements of all road markings types without the need for expensive and inconvenient lane closures and traffic control. The speed and versatility of RoadData's measuring service means faster results, more of your network covered and less expenditure on equipment and staff costs.

    RoadData's retro-reflectivity data saves time

    RoadData's mobile retroreflectivity collection service can cover large road networks at normal traffic speeds, collecting information that would normally require multiple teams of workers weeks or even months to achieve.

    RoadData gives you more value

    Continuous measuring of retroreflectivity by Roaddata means data is collected from the entire longitudinal road marking under scrutiny, not just sample areas which can give biased results.

  • RoadData gives you more information

    Our mobile data collection provides a number of measures. We collect dynamic data such as:

    • continuous measuring of retroreflectivity at 600hz
    • night time visibility (retro-reflectivity)
    • temperature & humidity
    • events (road works, farm cross-overs etc)
    • GPS coordinates
    • pictures every 25m
    • at speeds up to 120km/h

    RoadData makes it simple for you

    The team at RoadData does the number crunching for you. No need to spend wasted hours searching endless rows of numbers for non-conforming items. RoadData's advanced system can display the collected data in colour coding directly on Google Earth.

    RoadData shows you visual results

    Retroreflectivity values can be viewed on Google Earth in colour coding, including photographic references for easy and fast assessment of the line marking condition. Refer to our Services page to read more about the different forms of output you can select.

    Roaddata has flexibility

    Where mobile measurements prove impractical, RoadData can provide handheld instrument measurements with fully compliant instruments.